To Configure network and set the static IP & hostname in RedHat Linux v9

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Hi Everyone in this aricle I will show how to configure a Static IP Address and hostname in a network

Note: Do not try this on a production without having idea of networking

- IP address to set
- hostname and other details that we need to configure

Here, I will first configure the same IP assigned to the system and later I will configure a new static IP for the demo purpose

If you have the network details its well and good, but to go through and have a look on the values use the following command:

To give the current IP address

$ ip addr 

This command will display all the network related information

$ nmcli conn show  

From the above two command we can see that enp0s3 is the Network Config being use, which might be different in your case

To get all the details of the enp0s3 we use the following command :

$ nmcli conn show enp0s3 

From the above we got the following details to change:

The current IP address is : with subnet of or /24
The gateway address is:

Let’s make the current address static , run the below command:

$ nmcli connection mod enp0s3 ipv4.addresses ipv4.gateway ipv4.dns ipv4.dns-search ipv4.method manual

After making the changes, we need to restart the connection with new config

Use the below command to do so.

$ nmcli conn down enp0s3 && nmcli conn up enp0s3 

If we configured with correct parameters we will be able to logoin with the above ipv4 address set

Now let’s change the ip to a different withing the network , lets set the ip to

As usual run the below command:

$ nmcli connection mod enp0s3 ipv4.addresses 
$ nmcli conn down enp0s3 && nmcli conn up enp0s3

the shell may hang as connection will be lost as there is change in the IP address

Let’s try to login with this new IP address

Hurray !! we are able login as shown in below

Hope this article was useful and you were able to configure a Static IP Address. If facing any issue. Feel free to leave a comment or you can connect on my linkedIn for any discussion……➕💕😊



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